The rocks at Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia are as dangerous as they are iconic, with many people falling into the ocean due to their slippery surfaces; much debate has surrounded the topic of preventing falls at the Maritime landmark.

The popular tourist spot attracts many visitors during the summer season, with some people claiming thousands visit daily. However, some visitors put themselves within close proximity of the ocean’s waves.

"It's kind of a shame,” says Matt Long, a visitor at Peggy’s Cove. ”You come here to enjoy the scenery, but you get a little anxious watching people get too close."

Gary Hall, a visitor from Ontario, takes caution on the rocks by obeying safety signs located at the busy tourist site. He says the slippery environment doesn’t bother him.

“I would be very aware of the waves,” says Hall.

However, art vendor, Paula Yanch, says she see’s concerning incidents daily.

"I sit here many days of the week,” says Yanch. “I watch people fall on the rocks, down on the water – we even had a tour guide here a few years ago down too close to the rocks, and he went in.”

And despite calls for action from concerned individuals who say more needs to be done to stop people from falling in the ocean, Yanch doesn’t believe it will help.

"We could build a wall just like that, all around the rocks and people would find a way to get over that wall,” says Yanch.

Photographer, Bruce Stephen, has taken many pictures at Peggy’s Cove and says he’s seen many people fall in the ocean.

"Sometimes they get out and sometimes they don't," says Stephen.”

After witnessing too many falls over the years, Stephen advises those contemplating getting close to the water.

"You might be putting your life in danger – fine that's up to you,” says Stephen. “Just remember, if you fall in the water, someone has to try and get you out – then they're putting their life in danger. I've seen that too often."

With files from CTV Atlantic's Paul Hollingsworth