Just like any traditional wedding, Emily Doucet's nuptials had something old, something new, something borrowed, but a groom who's black and blue.

Pro wrestler Eric Doucet, who goes by his stage name Markus 'the vegan' Burke, has been in the ring for more than a decade. When he proposed to Emily, his girlfriend of five years, he thought it was natural to bring his two passions together.

The couple tied the knot in front of a crowd of 300 friends, family, and wrestling super fans.

“It was pretty much the perfect combination of what we both wanted, and we both have respect for each other's wishes and tradition,” says Emily.

With a crazy cast of characters from as far away as the United Kingdom, the couple was certainly ready to put on show. What they weren't prepared for was a rush of emotion in the midst of smashed cake, sweat and shattered cinderblocks.

“My emotions are in check I would say 95 per cent of the time,” says Eric. “But tonight I felt myself tweaking in (my heart) like 'Alright, calm down, not in front of everybody.'”

The couple will hold a second, more intimate ceremony this weekend, but say this wedding is likely the one that will stick in people's minds.

While she loves to watch her husband's antics, Emily says she prefers to have a behind the scenes role. But with a bit of compromise, she decided to make her wrestling debut as the kidnapped bride.

“I thought it was outrageous,” says Elaine Gillis, Emily’s sister. “She played the perfect damsel in distress. I know she was a little bit nervous going into it, but she came out and really sold it.”

Emily and Eric are calling it a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“I won't regret it. It's going to be something I look back on and I'm proud of doing, and it was cool to be part of his world for a night,” Emily says

While Emily doesn't expect a return to the ring anytime soon, the pair hasn't ruled out a wedlock anniversary special down the road.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Cami Kepke.