A Nova Scotia couple is under siege by a brazen thief who is giving them a big headache every time the couple puts their wash out on the line.

About a month ago, Carol Morris found her clothespin bucket empty and a load of laundry was spread on the ground.

“Come to find out, it was the squirrel, because I caught him,” says Carol, who lives in Braeshore.

She caught him red-handed with a camera, to be exact.

The sticky-fingered squirrel was making his way across the line and unhooking the pins. After grabbing them he ran off to the woods with his ill-gotten gains.

“He must be building a home, so, he’s obviously not finished his patio or whatever he’s doing with them now, I don’t know,” says Carol.

Carol’s husband Bob even tried soaking a rag and some pins with hot sauce to keep the squirrel off the line, but the rodent figured a way around it.

“So we had it hanging there and it wouldn’t go any further than there, so it decided to come off the shed roof and take them from the other end,” says Bob.

“At first I started to call him sassy, because he had such a brazen way about him, doing it right in front of me, but now, he’s just, he’s just a thief,” says Carol.

Carol figures she has lost about $20 a week in clothespins. She does not want to hurt the squirrel, but says she loves the way her clothes smell when they dry outside on the line.

“I’m not going to stop doing that, I’m not going to let a squirrel dictate to me what I can do, or not do,” says Carol. “It’s not funny anymore.”

For now, Carol says all she can do is play a kind of waiting game with the squirrel, putting her clothes on the line, wait for them dry, and take them off before the unwanted visitor comes calling.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Dan MacIntosh