There is growing anger in parts of Pictou County as word spreads about a website featuring dozens of nude photos of local women.

The victims say the images were taken while they were in private relationships and have been shared without their consent.

“It was one of my friends, and they told me that I was on this website,” said one victim, who wanted her identity hidden. “They sent me the link to it, and then I went on then I seen myself.”

The victim says she and her ex-boyfriend took the images and he posted them on the Internet.

She says some are three years old.

“I trusted him,” the victim said. “We were in a long relationship, so I trusted that he wouldn't do that. But he did.”

“(I’m) pretty frustrated. A little bit scared, because now those images are out everywhere for everybody to see.”

The pornographic website features a map to show which towns the women are from.

Visitors to the website have been asking each other for nude pictures of other local women to share on the site.

Kayde Stanley found out after requests were being made for photos of her.

“It's like sharing it as perverted prizes. ‘Here's what I have, what do you guys have?’ I think it's awful,” said Stanley.

“I feel like violating women in such a way is obviously wrong, and it should be shut down,” said Michelle Tracey, a friend of Kayde Stanley.

One victim is offering advice to other women.

“If you are going to take those kind of pictures, make sure it's private and locked and not shared, and if you are one of those women, come up and speak out so we can change it and hopefully get the website deleted.”

Police are investigating under section 162.1 of the Criminal Code, which is a new section that covers the publication of an intimate image without consent.

The child exploitation unit is also investigating to determine if any of the images belong to a younger person.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Dan MacIntosh.