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Plenty of pumpkins at Popes Upick as the calendar flips to October

With the calendar flipping to October, finding the right pumpkin for Halloween gets added to a lot of peoples to do list.

If opening weekend at the third annual Pope’s Pumpkin Upick at Belleisle Farms was any indication, New Brunswickers are wasting no time ensuring they have the right pumpkin.

“We have weather on our side and the pumpkins this year we had a great yield,” says Belleisle Farm owner Sean Pope. “They are in great shape and they got good colour.”

Located just west of Sussex, N.B., Belleisle Farms showcases one of the largest pick-your-own pumpkin spots in the province, with nearly 10,000 options available in multiple varieties. Pope says this past weekend was the busiest he has seen in his three years of doing this.

The farm also boasts the perfect fall backdrop for family pictures with a variety of displays, a hay maze, and wagon rides around the property which keeps both the visiting kids and owner busy.

“The tractor didn’t shut off on the wagon rides from 11 until ten-after-four,” jokes Pope.

Outside of the pumpkins, which range in price from $3 to $12, everything on site is free. Cash is required to purchase pumpkins.

Pumpkins are the main attraction to the farm, and everyone has a different preference for the perfect jack-o-lantern.

“I want one that is big but also round, so tall but also really round,” says youngster Dyson Cullins.

“I want a big one with no cracks and like not be very very dirty,” says his friend Kaiden Smith.

Others take a more simple approach.

“(I get) the biggest!” says Rylee Spencer. Her younger sister, Ryan, simplifies the process even more.

“I just walk around and find one,” she says.

For mother Samantha Edwards, it’s about finding a pumpkin her kids will enjoy.

“Definitely like the shape and the brightness of it matters,” Edwards says. “The kids like to get ones that are good carving material.”

Pope says when growing them, he looks for one simple thing.

“Uniformity and a good handle,” he says. “If you see a good green handle and it’s stocky you know it’s going to last and you’re going to get good shelf life out of it.”

Pope’s Pumpkin Upick will be open again next weekend from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., including Thanksgiving Monday. Pope says any pumpkins remaining after next weekend will be taken to various stores in the area. 

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