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Plow Chicka Plow Plow: Saint John shows off fleet of newly-named snowplows


The City of Saint John is showing off its fleet of newly-named snowplows.

Last month, the New Brunswick city teamed up with a local radio station to call on residents to submit names for four of its snowplows.

The city says it was overwhelmed by the positive response – almost 1,000 submissions – so it decided to name eight plows, rather than four.

Residents were then asked to vote for their favourites from a shortlist of 22 names, which the city says were chosen based on creativity, a Saint John connection, and humour.

Saint John says it received more than 4,000 votes for its first-ever “Name the Plow” contest.

It released the winning names on Jan. 31 and showed off the fleet on social media for the first time Wednesday.

Each bright yellow plow bears one of the following names:

  • Kevin
  • Plow Chicka Plow Plow
  • Skip the Ditches
  • Nor'easter Beaster
  • Reversing Snowfalls
  • Port City Pusher
  • Froster Thurston
  • Fast and Flurrious

The names will be displayed on the plows for the rest of the 2023 winter season. Top Stories

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