Police have taken down a suspected meth lab near Truro, N.S.

The lab was found in a run-down trailer, in a nearly empty trailer park on Matheson Drive in Salmon River.

Police say such labs are so dangerous that a robot had to enter the residence before officers could.

“The rest of the trailers are empty now,” says Alfred Langley who lives nearby with his younger daughter. “But I guess there’s more going on than you know.”

Neighbours were told to stay indoors, or leave the park altogether.

Police say public safety is always a concern when dealing with meth labs, as they can emit poisonous gas and even explode.

“A variety of solvents, such as camping fuel, isopropyl alcohol, and quite often in a lab setting these solvents are heated,” says Const. Craig Foley of the RCMP Hazardous Materials Unit.

Extreme measures were taken while police dismantled the lab Wednesday - everything from a decontamination tent to chemical detectors were on scene.

Police say the investigation is in early stages.

“We’ve made one arrest of a male individual,” explains Sgt. Al Affleck of the Bible Hill RCMP.

“Approximately 7:30 p.m., eight o’clock we took possession of the mobile through a search warrant, we held the scene all night long.”

Crews equipped and trained to deal with hazardous materials must wait for clearance from a Health Canada chemist before doing more detailed forensic work.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ron Shaw