Coastal areas in New Brunswick took a direct hit from Dorian, and on Monday campers and boaters were picking up the pieces as recovery efforts ramped up.

Two days after post-tropical storm Dorian ripped through a campground in Cap-Pele, N.B., residents were getting a look at just how much destruction was left in its wake.

"The damage was considerable," said camper Charles Carrier. "It was mind-boggling to see the damage there was in the park."

Carrier has been camping at Sandy Beach Campground for more than 20 years. He arrived Sunday morning to find his covered deck had been ripped from the side of his trailer and tossed upside down.

"Not a pretty sight to see, but at least at that point we knew there was nobody that had got hurt," Carrier said.

Some residents tried to brave the elements through the night, but fire crews moved everyone out when storm surges brought water across the marsh.

"The water was coming from the wharf and there's nothing you can do," said camper Lydia Cormier. "The water is stronger than everything else."

In Shediac, efforts are underway to retrieve some of the 80 boats that Dorian had tossed around.

"These are 40-to-45-foot boats and the only way to do it, they're piled one on top of the other, is to lift them out with the crane," said Kurby Malone of T and T Ocean Rescue.

Dave Redfern's boat, the Primrose, was in the water during Saturday's storm and is now part of the wreckage.

"The storm was more intense than what anyone anticipated," Redfern said. "The storm surge was higher than anyone anticipated and consequently the docks either floated or broke loose."

Redfern says he's unsure just how much damage has been done to his boat, but he's just relieved no one was hurt.

"Sailors generally are positive people, so let's hope we can keep positive," Redfern said.

Crews say it will take a few days before the marina is back in order.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Eilish Bonang.