HALIFAX -- A Public Health mobile testing unit was set up at the Halifax Transit Bridge Terminal on Tuesday, offering free COVID-19 tests to people of all ages.

For some, it was their first time getting tested.

"I'm going to hang out with some friends and I said might as well," said Ed Elliott after getting his first COVID-19 test.

Kaylie Arnold likes the convenience of grabbing a COVID-19 test while waiting for the bus.

"I'm fully vaccinated and everything but I just seen that they were having it so might as well do it while I can," said Arnold.

It appears less people are getting tested for the virus these days. The lab processed 2,407tests on Saturday, 1,987 on Sunday and 1,607on Natal Day.

Roughly 3,300 rapid COVID-19 tests were completed last week at various pop-up sites in Nov Scotia.

At this time, the province says they are not winding down COVID-19 testing but are considering modifications as necessary.
While testing numbers may be going down, the number of people getting vaccinated continues to climb.

As of Aug. 2, 1,360,660 doses of COVID-19-19 vaccine have been administered. Of those, 620,557 Nova Scotians have received their second dose.

There are tens of thousands of vacant appointments available across the province in the next two weeks for those looking for a shot.

"People can go nearly anywhere and get their second dose or their first dose, said Tracey Barbrick, the associate deputy minister in charge of the vaccine rollout.

The province's goal is to get 75 per cent of Nova Scotians fully vaccinated by September, which is the next step in reducing public health restrictions.

Health officials would like to see those who are eligible for their second dose move their appointment up.

"Borders are opening and we've got some countries already seeing a fourth wave starting to make its way around so we of course want to have people with full immunity as soon as we can," said Barbrick.

Community vaccine clinics are now starting to wind down and by the middle of August pharmacies will be the main provider of COVID-19 vaccines in the province.