Many are left scratching their heads after the landscape at iconic Peggys Cove changed when a building was torn down.

The St. John's Church was responsible for the destruction of the local community hall. Rev. Canon Andrew Cooke says the building was a safety hazard and put public safety at risk.

“It was a bit of an eyesore in its dilapidated state," says Rev. Cooke.

The move has caught many living in the community by surprise.

"I thought initially when they took the main window out that they were going to replace it and restore it,” says local resident Robert Galbraith. “Instead I came back the next day and there was a backhoe tearing it down.”

The church is being chastised for the decision. According to the municipality, the demolition is under investigation.

“No demolition permits were issued for structures located at the church or community hall address. A file has now been opened in relation to work undertaken at this property, " said city administrators in a statement.

Galbraith says the demolition of the community centre is symbolic of a bigger problem.

“I realize we have to advance or society, but a feeling there's too many loose ends when it comes to the protection of our heritage – particularly in the cove,” says

Residents believe the Peggys Cove Commission was supposed to preserve and protect the cove. But according to the Departments of Business and Municipal Affairs for Nova Scotia, they are trying to resurrect the commission and will name new appointments in the next few weeks.

Residents say all they want are answers.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Marie Adsett.