Rankin MacInnis is a Maritime musician with a unique kind of show.

Saturday afternoons in Halifax have become synonymous with “Rankin’s Winter Warmers” at The Marquee.

From January to March, MacInnis makes the trip from Mabou, Cape Breton, to Halifax to host what has become one the most popular events in the city.

“Speaking of Cape Breton, the concept, I think, kind of developed in the way I would have been developed in Mabou, with kitchen parties and the sharing of music,” he says.

MacInnis always wears a hockey jersey during his performances and does everything from singing to playing the bagpipes.

He not only takes the stage with his eight-piece band, but is joined each week by special guests.

“Jimmy Rankin has been on the stage, Carmen Townsand, (The) Town Heroes,” MacInnis says.

The shows welcome people of all ages from 2 to 6 p.m.

“The older we get, the more perfect it is,” jokes MacInnis.

“Rankin's Winter Warmers” has become so popular it won best event at the 2023 Music Nova Scotia Awards and MacInnis took home the prize for Entertainer of the Year as well.

“It was a big moment,” he says.

For those who haven’t experienced the concert series yet, MacInnis says there is still time, with three weeks and four shows left.

“(There is) a grand finale weekend, so we’ll do Saturday, Sunday, Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day, the last weekend,” he says.

MacInnis adds the shows are “for everyone.”

“Mostly upbeat, all fun music, but we do our best to celebrate all genres,” he says. “So even if you only like a certain amount, it’s like the same as like the weather in Scotland, just wait five minutes and you’ll get something different.”

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