Nova Scotia RCMP are investigating a major house fire in Chester, N.S.

Officers say at 12:25 a.m. they were called to a house fire on Victoria St. in Chester.

All of the occupants of the home were able to escape before the home became fully engulfed. Police say the residence is 'a complete loss'.

At least one nearby home was evacuated due to the risk of the fire spreading.

"To see that fire and how quickly it was out of control, and the entire house was up in flames, it was really surprising," says neighbour Alan Jones who watched the blaze from his window across the road.

The fire started around midnight Saturday night, and fire crews were still on scene early Sunday morning. Because of the windy weather, hot spots were popping up throughout the night.

"Because it was windy last night, the wind was throwing flames 20-30 feet in the air," describes Jones.

Set back on a 1.6 acre property, the 5000 square foot home boasts a pool, a guest house and orchards. But now it's a write off.

The house is on the market and sellers were asking for $1.25 million.

Renters were living on the property but were able to get out before the fire spread.

RCMP and fire investigators remain on scene and continue to investigate to determine the fire's cause.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Emily Baron Cadloff.