HALIFAX -- New details recently revealed from court documents in the Nova Scotia mass murder case were only told to the RCMP by one witness among the 700 they've spoken to since their investigation began in April.

The RCMP said in a lengthy statement released Thursday afternoon that they wanted to "provide context" to the recently unsealed information, which several media outlets have gone to court to get released from search warrants.

"Some of the unsealed and released information is being interpreted as corroborated facts without full context, which is resulting in confusion and speculation," the RCMP said in the statement. "We wish to clarify that information with context and facts."

The information the RCMP is referring to is recently unsealed information that Gabriel Wortman, who the RCMP refers to as "the gunman" in the statement, was involved in the drug trade and was involved in murders and hid burned bodies before he went on his rampage in April that killed 22 people over two days.

"Investigators have conducted close to 700 witness interviews and only this one witness has come forward with information that the gunman was actively and recently involved in the importation and trafficking of illegal drugs," the RCMP says in the statement. "No other persons out of the close to 700 interviewed, including those closest to the gunman, have provided similar information that proves the gunman was an illegal drug smuggler and/or drug trafficker."

The RCMP also say that this same witness is the only one that has told them that Wortman was involved in murders and the disposal of bodies before April 18, 2020.

"The RCMP has not received any credible or actionable information that the gunman was involved in any other murders outside of the murders committed by him on April 18 and 19, 2020," the statement reads.

You can read the RCMP's full statement here.