SYDNEY, N.S. -- In the air and on the ground, the search for an armed man in Meat Cove, N.S. carried on into its second day on Tuesday. 

An emergency alert was issued yesterday after a man with a weapon, fled into the woods.

RCMP are warning residents to remain inside with their doors locked.

The community of Meat Cove is at the northern tip of Nova Scotia, on Cape Breton Island.

This usually quiet, rural area is now the centre of a manhunt. RCMP are searching for 34 year-old Perry MacKinnon.

"Meat Cove is largely a rural area. It is treed, and it is fairly remote in nature, so it does take a significant amount of time," said Nova Scotia RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Mark Skinner. "We have a number of resources in place including our airplane and including our helicopter to assist us."

The Mounties say they are using forward-looking infrared technology, which records differences in temperature, but so far, they've been unsuccessful.

The manhunt started Monday, when police tried to arrest MacKinnon at a home in the area, but they say he fled on foot with a gun.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, MacKinnon is facing several weapons related offences.

"When we're looking at arresting someone, we conduct a thorough risk assessment to determine what resources should be in place," Skinner said. "Mr. MacKinnon ran out of the house with a gun and was last seen running into the woods. So, clearly the risk assessment we did is relevant to this case."

Police notified the public on social media yesterday afternoon and a public alert was later issued.

Officials are asking residents in the area to stay indoors and to await further information. They caution people should not approach MacKinnon if they see him, but should call 911 immediately.

"We've continued to update our Twitter and our Facebook as time has gone on," Skinner said. "There's been very little change to the situation today. However if there is a change we will be sending out tweets, Facebook posts and using our partners with EMO. It is a smaller community, so officers are able to go door-to-door to talk to residents if they are required to do so."

Police say MacKinnon was last seen in a camouflage jacket and blue track pants.

The RCMP say they believe MacKinnon is still in the area, and are hoping for a peaceful outcome for everyone involved. They provided this update at 8:25 p.m. on Tuesday.