HALIFAX -- A Nova Scotia flag flew on top of the tallest mountain in the world earlier this week.

Kevin Walsh, a mountaineer with 15-years of experience, successfully summited Mount Everest on May 23 after years of planning and preparation.

“You just can’t go to the top of Everest.’ says Walsh.

The dentist from Windsor, N.S. arrived in Nepal two months ago and began training his body for the physical challenges of reaching the nearly 9,000-metre peak.

“You really need to go up a little bit and then back down. Your body starts to produce more red blood cells and you get better at adjusting to the altitude and the thin air," says Walsh.

There was also the added difficulty of preparing for the climb during the pandemic. Walsh says the threat of COVID-19 was taken seriously.

"I felt super safe," says Walsh. "We did COVID tests periodically, we had the capability there. We didn’t intermingle with other groups."

Joined by the rest of his climbing group, Walsh began the final ascent up Mount Everest in the dark.

Walsh says he was worried weather would be a factor but the winds died down enough to allow the climb to proceed.

On Sunday, May 23, he was literally on top of the world.

“While we’re on the summit it was just, it was awesome. Twenty minutes up there in full sun, it wasn’t too crowded, so it was really a dream day to get to the top of the highest part of the planet," says Walsh.

His trek up Everest means Walsh has stood on top of four of the world's tallest peaks.

Now, he's setting his sights on completing the Seven Summits of the world with Antarctica’s Vinson Massif a potential next step in that quest.