While designated bike areas are always appreciated in the student-populated south end of Halifax, some drivers say the two new lanes have come at the expense of parking.

The city says 43 parking meters were removed from University Avenue to make room for the two protected lanes.

Some say the move is creating parking problems on an already taxed system.

“It definitely makes it harder,” said driver Danielle Levangie. “You have to drive around for a half hour looking for a spot sometimes.”

The university built a 79-spot parking lot a few blocks away to replace the lost meters. The Halifax Cycling Coalition took part in an event at Dalhousie on Monday to promote the new lanes.

“We really want to see lessons that we learn on University Avenue expanded for the rest of Halifax,” said Eliza Jackson of the coalition.

The university says the $200,000 project is meant to encourage more people to travel by bicycle, which may reduce the need to provide parking spots.

“I think it is fantastic,” said cyclist Rachel Guy. “I am really glad it is here. It is a small statement, but it is a starting point.”

Only one of the 10 accessible parking spots will remain. The rest have been moved to nearby side streets.

Some are wondering if a bike lane is even necessary along a road with a boulevard.

“People with disabilities have a hard time getting around anyway, especially in the winter. It isn't going to impact so many people now,” said Dalhousie student Victoria Leveck.

Peggy Walt, who lives near Dalhousie, supports bike lanes but doesn't think this move makes sense.

She is also concerned about parking for guests and performers attending the Dalhousie Arts Centre.

“They are streets that get a lot of traffic from people coming in once or twice to go to the arts centre, the public archives, the Parade of Lights, and people are crazy about finding a place to put their car,” Walt said.

Depending on how the project goes, the bike lane could connect to others leading all the way downtown.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kelland Sundahl.