HALIFAX -- Communities in the north end of Moncton are experiencing a higher volume of crime, making them pay closer attention to their surroundings.

One woman living in the area says she felt threatened after a man and woman, who were fleeing police, tried to enter her home on Friday.

The woman, who chose not to appear on camera or share her name, says she was approached by a man and woman around 4:30 p.m. who asked her for a lighter. When she entered her home to get a lighter, the pair tried following her in.

Police were called to the area with a complaint of the disturbance, and were also told the man allegedly had a handgun.

When police arrived they arrested a 36-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman.

RCMP say although no handguns were located, other weapons were found.

Residents living nearby say this type of activity is concerning.

"So close to home and especially that it happened during the day," said Moncton resident Justin Audibert.

"I stay home and I make sure I lock my doors at night, like when I'm going to bed, but I don't even think about locking my door while I'm home or in the backyard."

Some neighbours in the north end of Moncton say they've noticed an increase in crime in the area.

"There has been some things that you hear about, you know, random break-ins. Seems like they go in like little spurs," said Moncton resident Kevin Hachey.

"There were two young adults rummaging through my vehicle," said Audibert.

Rogery Alvarenga, who lives down the street from where the arrest took place, says he's already taking extra precautions.

"I already got two cameras on the back and the front so, always concerned about that," said Alvarenga.

RCMP says the man and woman involved in the arrest were later released, and charges are pending.