After three years of seeing their community finish last in a list of best places to live in Canada, the people of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia are hoping to prove that pen is mightier than magazine.  

The ranking was put out by MoneySense magazine, and New Glasgow has finished at the very bottom for three years in a row.

 “We know that we are much, much better than that. You know, we deserve so much more,” says New Glasgow Deputy Mayor Henderson Paris.

The ranking groups New Glasgow with the other towns in Pictou County, and together the community has started a post card campaign.

Five hundred cards have been printed, with Melmerby beach on the front, and a list of positive community features on the back.

“We're really not going to allow MoneySense to tell a skewed story about what life is, here in New Glasgow and Pictou County,” says Kim Dickson, town communications director.

There is space for people to write their own comments on the cards, and they're all addressed to MoneySense's managing editor.

People of Pictou County say the magazine isn't getting the whole picture, and they hope this will shed some light on the county as a community.

“I don't think they took the time to visit Pictou County,” says local resident, Gord Anderson.

“For the most part, they're all friendly and nice people,” adds Kathy Kennedy, when asked what she likes most about the area.  

The managing editor of MoneySense magazine in Toronto, Mark Brown, has already received some postcards. However, he doesn't expect they'll have much impact on the survey, which he describes as a statistical model, using hard data.

This year's ranking is expected in the April edition of MoneySense magazine.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Dan MacIntosh