Saint John is not near the eye of Hurricane Dorian but is expecting rain, wind, and an angry Bay of Fundy.

A Saint John firefighter was making sure a generator was good to go as part of his preparations for Dorian.

"If we do lose power, we will have the opportunity to provide power if there's an emergency at a house," said Kevin Cliffordthe director of Saint John EMO.

Power outages are likely with the latest forecast showing heavy rain and strong wind gusts for Saturday.

That's a stark contrast to the perfect patio-weather on the boardwalk on Friday. The sun and blue skies are the calm before the storm. Restaurants near the water were also busy getting ready.

"We'll bring the umbrellas and the chairs in and then we'll flip the tables over so the heavy part is on the bottom part and then we'll bungee those to the sides of the deck just so nothing blows away," said bartender Gordon Brown. "Fingers crossed nothing blows away."

In Fredericton, provincial officials held a media briefing on the hurricane.

"This storm is big, you've heard a great deal about this storm in the media the last number of days, and the wind field is huge," said New Brunswick EMO director Greg MacCallum. "Everyone is going to feel some degree of weather impacts or at least significant weather experience."

Back in Saint John, Clifford is advising against taking any unnecessary risks.

"That's the part that resonates the most, is the danger that people put themselves in in the midst of these events," Clifford said. "Mother Nature can be tremendously unkind and not forgiving."

With files from CTV Atlantic's Laura Lyall.