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Saint John named top 24 travel destination worldwide for 2024


Looking for some place new to visit in 2024? Look no further than Saint John, N.B.

The Port City was recently named one of the top 24 places to visit in 2024 by CNN Travel. The article focused on places often overlooked when one thinks of taking a vacation.

Seeing their city crack the list is a source of pride for residents.

“It’s great and about time, our secret is finally out,” says Rose Sinclair, with her friend Cathy Dupuis agreeing. “I think it is very good for Saint John.”

“It’s one of the most beautiful parts of the world,” Jeff Baxter says while enjoying the view at Tin Can Beach along the Bay of Fundy. “We got the highest tides, we are right on the coast, I mean it's awesome here.”

Saint John was the only Canadian destination to make the list. Even the most passionate of Saint Johnners can admit seeing their city on a list of the top 24 places to visit across the globe was a little surprising.

“Yes, I am,” admits Baxter when asked if the news took him off guard. “There’s so many beautiful spots in the world and for CNN to pick Eastern Canada, I think it is coming more on the radar for people to come here and see the beauty of these provinces.”

“It was really a surprise to hear,” says James Morris. “Uptown Saint John is starting to come back since COVID, so we have a lot of interesting things to do.”

Not surprised was the regional growth agency Envision Saint John. Jillian MacKinnon is the vice president of marketing, communications, and strategic initiatives and says the reaction from its partners and others in the province has been overwhelming, but unlike residents she wasn’t shocked to see Saint John on the list.

“We all know what a great destination we have,” beams MacKinnon. “We have amazing operators here from the restaurants to the boutiques and adventure operators. We have a wonderful cruise port and we are always highly regarding as a cruise destination, so we have everything from urban experiences to rural experiences.”

The article mentions Saint John is a “charming little city” located on the Bay of Fundy and the world’s highest tides. It also makes note of the Saint John City Market, which is a National Historic Site in Canada, as well as the Saint John Arts Centre. Located in the city’s historic Carnegie Building, it is the only former Carnegie Library east of Quebec.

MacKinnon also points out how the city is growing quickly.

“We have an amazing local industry that really sees the potential that is happening in Saint John,” says MacKinnon. “Whether that’s new festivals and events that have launched over the last few years, or the investments happening on the waterfront and more access for people to actually get closer to the Bay of Fundy.”

“We have always known we have this amazing destination and now all the puzzle pieces are coming together and we are on the rise.”

One area not mentioned in the CNN article is the Area 506 Waterfront Container Village, something CTV Travel Expert Loren Christie feels is important to bring attention to.

“It’s a pretty new addition to Saint John,” Christie points out with the popular spot set to open for its third season this spring. “It has been award-winning in Canadian tourism, so people will go there not even knowing that it's there and they will be happily surprised. I think it will be a nice addition to what they will discover in Saint John."

Christie fully expects the CNN article to lead to higher tourism numbers this summer.

“I challenge there will be someone in Saint John, whether it’s at a hotel or restaurant, or wherever the case may be, someone is going to walk in and say I read about you on CNN,” he says. “I think that is going to happen this summer.”

And the more that come to visit, some are bound to stay to make the Port City their new home.

“It’s going to attract people to live here,” believes MacKinnon. “People like to come and visit before they put down roots. This is checking off so many boxes for Envision Saint John as we looking to attract people, visitors, and investment.”

Others places on the list included Angola, South Korea, Panama, and Morocco. Top Stories

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