HALIFAX -- Two federal inmates are back in custody at Parrtown Community Correctional Centre in Saint John. Both were apprehended after being unlawfully at large for about a month. Police say John Long was apprehended on October 31, while Ryan Loeman was apprehended on November 6. However, other inmates remain unaccounted for.

Within one week of apprehending the men, Saint John police have issued two new notices about parolees walking away from the Parrtown Community Correctional Centre. Inmate, Jesse Jackson left the facility on October 31, while Nicholas McNamara left on October 21.

Correctional services reported 43 cases of inmates being unlawfully at large to Saint John Police so far in 2019 – but police say those cases aren't restricted to Parrtown.

“There were cuts made in the Harper years to cut back the amount of parole officers in correctional facilities like that. It's obviously on us as a government,” says Saint John-Rothesay MP, Wayne Long. “We haven't restored those numbers. I'm advocating; I've met with the public service alliance just over the last several months."

Director for the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies at the University of New Brunswick, Dr. Mary Ann Campbell, says facilities like Parrtown Community Correctional Centre are valuable for rehabilitation – despite the fact some inmates walk away and don't return.

"When a person is just left to serve their sentence right until the bitter end, and then they walk out scot-free without any support supervision or any oversight to help them make that adjustment; we can actually increase their risk of criminal behaviour,” says Campbell.

Meanwhile, police are asking anyone who knows where the missing inmates are to contact them or Crime Stoppers.