Canada’s best darts players have gathered in Saint John this weekend to compete for a spot on the country’s national team.

The top eight men and women from each province have made it this far, but only five can compete in the world championship in Japan.

It’s the first time in 10 years that the Port City is hosting the event. 

"For it to come to Saint John is a huge economic boost for the city," says Canada’s top darts player Jeff Smith of Hampton, N.B.

Playing darts has taken Smith all over the country this year, for the opportunity to play at the upcoming World Cup.

“A lot of hours on the board at home, in between working and balancing and family," says Smith

Patricia Farrell of Newfoundland is number one in the nation's women's league, and has been playing darts since she was a kid.

“This is my 31st consecutive nationals," says Farrell. "My brothers got me involved with the national darts in 1987 and I haven't looked back since."

The 10-day event also gives local youth a shot at the big leagues.

"There are a couple of players here like Jeff Smith, and he’s had so many amazing experiences and that's just what I want," says Moncton player Jayden Rolfe.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Mary Cranston.