HALIFAX -- The Salvation Army kettle campaign is underway for 2020.

From now until Christmas Eve the kettles will be set up at numerous locations around the HRM and all over the Maritimes.

Maj. Jamie Locke of the Salvation Army says the pandemic has brought with it a potential impact on this year's fundraising drive.

"We are preparing for a potential decrease in giving at kettles," Locke says. "And it's not so much people will be giving less. But they would have less of an opportunity to give."

Locke says COVID-19 protocols have resulted in some kettles not being allowed to be set up in certain locations. They are working hard to work around these restrictions.

"The Salvation Army has been forced to adapt, find ways to be nimble to support the community around us," Locke says.

In addition to making donations in person, Locke is also encouraging people to give online at fillthekettle.com.

At the actual kettle locations in the past it has mostly been a cash-only set up.

Not anymore.

"People can give to the credit card or debit card by tap," Locke says.

It's a move he hopes will make it easier for Christmas shoppers to make a quick and meaningful donation.

All geared towards helping those who are less fortunate and be supported at a difficult time.

"Bringing hope to families and individuals in the Maritimes that are struggling," Locke ays.

For those working every day to support the Salvation Army's efforts the work requirements are non-stop and emotional.

Money raised will go directly to support the very community where Maryann Doyle lives.

"Giving back to these children and ensuring that they have a Christmas, the generosity is overwhelming for me," Doyle says.

Locke says even with the pandemic hurting the economy he's optimistic this year's kettle campaign will still be a success.

"Whenever there's been a particular call out for assistance, people step up and rise up, they are willing to support the community around them," Locke says.

Locke says, based on his experience, Maritimers are generous at the best of times and also when times are tough.

In addition to the kettle campaign, we can also tell you there's another busy activity happening for the Salvation Army. The old abandoned Sears Bargain Basement in Halifax has been turned into a toy distribution centre for the Halifax area. All the toys are brought here and sorted and then handed out for the upcoming Christmas season.