HALIFAX - There was just the right amount of breeze today on the Halifax Common as hundreds of people gathered together to enjoy the simplicity of flying a kite.

The second annual East Coast Kite festival took place Saturday, bringing out twice as many people as the first.

The days festivities were put on by the Indian Festivals club of Nova Scotia, organizers say the event, which originated in South East Asia, is one intended to bring people from different cultures together.

“When we started last year, we did a bit of digging around and found out that there was a kite festival here a long long time ago, and it got stopped somehow. It gave us an opportunity to start something,” one of the organizers, Nikunj Kachhadiya tells CTV Atlantic.

But Kachhadiya says while the festival brings people together, the kites are also representative of something bigger.

“We keep a tagline as – fly as high as you can – this gives people hope, you know?” she says, “There should be dreams and some people are kind of lagging in expressing themselves so this is another piece we’re trying to, you know, come out, join us, and fly like the kites.”

The club plans to continue to spread their message across Nova Scotia. They’ve been in Amherst and Windsor with the next stop being Clam Harbour, in the hopes that people across the province can come together and dream big.