Another popular sports tournament in Cape Breton has been cancelled because of the ongoing teachers dispute in Nova Scotia.

The Red Cup High School Hockey Tournament was canned Monday afternoon. The decision comes just days after the Coal Bowl was cancelled for the first time in 36 years.

“I felt terrible because that's what everyone on the team,” said basketball player Dylan Messervy. “The school and the community was looking forward to coming out to the gym and supporting everyone on the team this year.”

The year that will be remembered not for the shots made on the court or the ice, but for the work-to-rule that has left the gyms and arenas empty.

“There's just so many people involved,” said Coal Bowl co-chair Jacqueline Poirier. “I'm heartbroken over it. It's a basketball tournament, but friendships are made, cultures exchanged, education.”

The Coal Bowl was scheduled to begin on Feb. 6. It's a time that New Waterford businesses mark on their calendars.

“It's going to be a very quiet week, especially in February. It was one thing that really boosted businesses around here,” said business manager Darlene Brufatto.

Ten teams were expected to compete in this year’s tournament. One from Ontario had already purchased airline tickets, and now has suffered a financial hit in the thousands of dollars.

“I don't see it affecting anybody, but really just the students,” said Grade 10 student Nathan Hogan.

Letters are being sent out to Coal Bowl sponsors, hoping they'll return next year.

“The town itself and the businesses, it's a big loss. I apologize to all of them. We really have no control over the situation,” said Poirier.

Students are hoping this will be the last of the cancellations.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore.