KENSINGTON, P.E.I. -- John Davison says he received three new leads on Saturday as to who could've stolen a giant head from the Haunted Mansion he owns in Kensington, P.E.I.

The statue representing one of the attraction's characters, Dr. Eugene Splicer, was stolen on June 19.

Davison says the alleged culprit was caught on security footage after the discovery was made the following morning.

He says he reported the missing head to local police, but also made a comedic video with the security footage and posted it on YouTube and the Haunted Mansion's Facebook page.

Davison, who's been running the Haunted Mansion since 2001, says several people who viewed the video have reached out to him with the names of potential suspects.

He says he's passed that information on to local police, who did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In a phone interview Saturday, Davison laughed as he recalled describing the missing statue to police.

"I said, 'Well it's a three-foot high fiberglass head,' and she said 'Anything else?"' Davison said.

"'What else do you need? If you see a three-foot high fiberglass head it's probably mine."'

Kensington is a small community, and Davison said he hopes the video being shared on social media will help find the thief.

"On the one hand you feel violated -- something of yours is taken. On the other hand, you have to laugh a little bit about it because who in their right mind goes out to steal a giant head?" Davison said.

Dr. Splicer, who was built in 2004, is described as an evil scientist and the assistant to Dr. Jack, who is believed to have built the mansion in the 1890s, and whose ghost allegedly haunts the grounds.

Davison said other small characters have gone missing from the mansion over the years, but they have always found their way home.

"Hopefully something pans out," Davison said of the latest disappearance.

"We'd like to see our head come back."