CHARLOTTETOWN – Shania Twain impressed over 22,000 people who attended the P.E.I. Founders Concert 2014 Saturday night.

After weeks of mounting anticipation, and in summer concert fashion, fans did what they had to do to get a good view of the country music star.

“We got our tickets back in March. We were the first ones. We slept out in our car overnight to get our tickets,” say fans Mary and Kristina McCormick.

The audience won’t be exclusive to fans, however. Some will even share the stage.

“I’m going to be telling this story to my grandkids,” says Summerside-native Trinity Bradshaw, one of Twain’s opening acts. “I’m never going to forget this moment for the rest of my life. This is truly a dream come true.”

Sparkling in her trademark cat suit, Twain was backed by her full band. They travelled from her permanent show in Las Vegas at which she regularly performs.

The promoters for the 2014 Founders Concert say the show will bring people from all over Canada and the United States. They hope that this show will exceed fan expectations.

“This is the biggest in terms of show production and attendance that we’ve had at the event’s grounds,” says concert promoter Penny Walsh.

The concert is part of Founders Week, a celebration of the 23 Fathers of Confederation who helped form the federal Dominion of Canada and its provinces in 1867.

This was Twain’s first time performing in P.E.I.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Sarah Plowman.