FREDERICTON, N.B. - The victims of Friday’s shooting are being remembered as well liked, active community members who dedicated their time and will be deeply missed.

Brian Jones was Constable Sara Burns’ best friend; he says they met on a rugby field about thirty years ago.

Burns married Jones’ best friend, had three kids and their two families live next door to each other.

Jones says Burns had always dreamed of becoming a police officer.

“She loved it. She’s the type of girl that would go in, if her shift started at 7, she would go in at 5 and do paperwork. She just loved going to work,” Jones said.

So much so, that she was technically off-shift when the fateful call came Friday morning at 7 a.m.

“They change their cars and they actually use the same car, so Robb who was taking over the next shift, was in her car and they got the call at the same time so they decided to go. Even after she was done her shift,” he said.

Jones calls Burns the perfect Frederictonian, who was always going above and beyond.

Constable Robb Costello was a father, a partner and an officer. At 45, the veteran officer had many accomplishments to his name, having spent time in the RCMP’s internet child exploitation unit.

His daughters posted on social media saying “Now we’re tied at Cards Against Humanity for eternity. You’re a true hero. RIP Dad.”

Former police officer and current Fredericton North MLA Stephen Horsman knew both officers, he says today his heart weighs heavy.

“Constable Costello and I worked together, he worked under my shift, couple of times. I can still see his smiling face ‘Hey Corp, good morning Corp’,” he said.

“I knew Sara personally; I knew Sara and her husband Steve. Just a few years ago how happy she was to become a member of the Fredericton Police Department after being in auxiliary for a couple years,” said Horsman.

Two civilians also lost their lives in the fatal event, a couple - both from Fredericton.

Sean Callahan says he lost his cousin and best friend yesterday. 42-year-old Donnie Robichaud is being remembered as a talented musician, a father of three, an auto body worker and an all-around nice guy.

“I feel empty and I feel lost, and all that keeps playing in my head,” said Callahan.

The second civilian was 32-year-old Bobbie-Lee Wright, her Facebook page says that she and Robichaud had started dating just nine days ago and they were preparing to go on vacation that Friday afternoon.  

With files from CTV Atlantic's Laura Brown.