Shubie Park on the shores of Lake Micmac in Dartmouth is a popular spot, especially with dog owners. But new signs posted indicate it’s too popular for some residents.

The signs posted by the City warn pooches and their parents to keep it down, saying, “If your dog barks, it can disturb neighbours and other park users. Please do not use this area if you can’t control your dog’s barking. #Respect.”

“From our perspective, we’re actually helping the dog owners by drawing attention to an issue that, if it isn’t resolved by them, we may have to take further steps,” says Brendan Elliott, HRM Senior Communications Advisor. 

Many dog owners weren’t pleased with the new message.

“As far as the occasional bark, that’s what dogs do when they’re playing,” says Lorraine Barber.

Residents who share the lakefront with the popular off-leash beach portion of the park say the constant barking has made them take action and ask the City to designate another off-leash beach further into the park.

“I can be in my house with the doors and windows closed and still hear it,” says longtime neighbor to the park, Stephanie Legros.

Area Councillor Tony Mancini walks his dog at the park regularly and is now working to find a common ground between the pets and the people next door.

“I just love this park as everyone does so we need to find a way to make it work for both sides,” says Mancini.

Mancini will be walking through the park March 9 with the Director of Parks and Recreation as well as residents to assess ways to leash up concerns.

With files from CTV  Atlantic’s Kelly Linehan.