HALIFAX - He’s seen fire and he’s seen rain, and now music icon James Taylor has seen Halifax.

Taylor was one of 2,600 passengers on the luxury liner Queen Mary II, when it stopped in the Port of Halifax Friday morning.

It was the first trip to the city for James and his wife Kim, and a number of band members and the group decided they wanted to have a look around.

“We went to Peggys Cove and to Margaret’s Bay, St. Margaret’s Bay…and we went kayaking, a little breezy, but it was nice. And, we had lobster, a nice lobster feed,” says Taylor.

“It is so beautiful, so lovely, it will be a highlight of this voyage,” says Taylor’s wife Kim.

While Taylor was playing the part of tourist while in Halifax, this is really a business trip for him and his band. Taylor is performing while on the Queen Mary II, during its eight day trip between New York and Southhampton.

“This is basically a way to get ourselves, all of your band equipment and all of our crew across the ocean and get a few rehearsals in, get a few performances under our belt,” says Taylor.

This is the second time that Taylor has done this type of travel.

“It’s a ball,” says Taylor. “It’s a really great experience each time. The kids love it, Kim and I love it, the band loves it, as long as the weather is not too bad.”

When they arrive in England, Taylor wants to hit the ground running for a European concert tour.

“We play Plymouth, then go straight to Norway and then back to England for the Albert Hall, for a couple of days there,” says Taylor.

Then it is on to Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

While audiences may enjoy his hits like ‘Carolina On My Mind’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight,’ Taylor says he is working on something new.

“We’ve been working on a new album all year actually,” says Taylor. “It’ll probably come out in mid-winter. It’s our first studio album in ten years.”

Taylor and his wife Kim enjoyed Halifax so much they would like to come back. He pointed out that his manager is from Vancouver and they may book a Canadian tour that would include Halifax.

“I’m sure we’ll be doing more work in Canada, I’m looking forward to it. I’d love to come back here,” says Taylor.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Rick Grant.