Two sisters are saddling up in Nova Scotia to begin a journey of a lifetime.

Katie and Jewel Keca dreamed of riding horseback across Canada since they were children.

“We wanted to be the first women to ride across Canada,” says Katie.

Katie got busy with life and school and forgot about the plan, while Jewel, the younger of the two, was more determined and decided university could wait.

“Nothing interested me and I knew I would just be bored,” says Jewel. “So I am like, I remember this dream, I really want to do it, so I am going to make it my learning experience.”

“I wanted to focus on my acting, so to convince me she bought me Lux for Christmas,” says Katie.

Katie and Jewel say their parents have been supportive of their adventure.

“After talking with my parents and her about it I thought I can’t miss this opportunity. Once I made the decision I was so excited about it,” says Katie.

The sisters, who are from Ontario, loaded up Lux and Ora and drove to Nova Scotia where they will begin their journey – they aren't the first to do the ride, but 18-year-old Jewel might be the youngest.

The pair has been around horses since they were kids, but this will be the ultimate test of their horsemanship skills.

They've done a lot of research and spent several nights sleeping with the horses in the woods. They have to carry everything they need in saddlebags and tie the horses to keep them safe at night. They want to build up to riding 30 kilometers a day and they think it could take them eight months.

The Keca sisters are getting a lot of help from strangers along the way and have a sponsor who is providing feed for the horses.

“That's what makes the trip so amazing is the people we meet who keep inspiring us and encourage us and love adventure and want to support us,” says Katie.

“Thinking back to when it was just an idea and a dream and now we are here, it's really crazy. It hasn't really hit yet,” says Jewel.

Katie and Jewel are about to hit the trail and any money they raise along the way will go to support a charity for guide dogs.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Kelland Sundahl