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Some city councillors calling for more security at Charlottetown parks


Some Charlottetown city councillors are calling for more security at city parks this summer.

There have been security guards patrolling the urban parks since 2010. Council voted to continue with the security measure this year, however some councillors say more is needed.

A pair of guards is scheduled to patrol Victoria Park from Thursday to Sunday. Councillor Mitch Tweel said the park is being used more and more as the number of islanders and visitors grows.

“That park is extremely busy. That’s just like a national park, for all intents and purposes,” said Tweel at a parks committee meeting on April 4. “I mean, there’s a lot of people there.”

Councillors also raised questions about Joseph A. Ghiz Memorial City Park, which is located near the provincial overnight shelter and community outreach centre. It’s currently set to be patrolled by a single guard in a vehicle, the same guard checking other city greenspaces.

They say neighbours want to see a more complete security presence, however, no additional money was put on the table for that.

The province says it has committed to a strong police presence in that park.

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