The lights are back on for most New Brunswick residents, but thousands were without power Wednesday, thanks to a dumping of heavy, wet snow.

“It’s certainly been a challenging 48 to 72 hours,” says Brent Staeben of NB Power.

He says crews have been working around the clock since late Tuesday night to reconnect more than 25,000 customers, and their efforts will continue through Thursday night.

"This has been a big storm, but not huge by New Brunswick standards of course,” says Staeben. “It's just been challenging in the sense of the number of small outages and things like that, but again, this is not something we're un-used to."

The hum of generators could be in many New Brunswick communities, including Havelock.

Area resident Jamie Stafford used a generator as the storm struggled to hold on in the southern part of the province.

“I got that running, just a heater inside, and my sump pump down in the basement,” says Stafford. “The neighbour over here was nice enough to let me borrow his generator actually.”

Daniel Toye lost his power sometime Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. He cooked breakfast on a camping stove as he waited for utility crews to complete their work.

“Staying warm at this point is the main thing, so it will pose a problem if it continues to go throughout the day and into the night. It might get a little chilly, but I cope with it,” says Toye.

NB Power says most customers should see electricity restored by Thursday night or early Friday.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Andy Campbell