Like a house guest who stays too long, and then comes back, old man winter just refuses to leave.

A spring storm brought heavy snow to some areas of the Maritimes along with rain and high winds elsewhere.

It was a real cause for concern for people who live along rivers that are already backing up with ice jams.

In Saint John, it was a rain event, with temperatures hovering around zero. The rain just kept coming, creating pools of water on city streets.

By mid-morning in Moncton, snow turned to rain and the slushy roads reduced traction which made driving dangerous.

In Fredericton, it was so slippery police issued a traffic advisory reminding motorists to slow down.

“With weather like this, everybody knows by now to slow down, so that's the main thing,” said crossing guard Brian Firlotte. “Stay safe.”

In Durham Bridge, N.B., New Brunswick's Emergency Measures Organization tells CTV News they are monitoring water levels and ice jams at Durham Bridge and MacLaggan Bridge.

Tuesday, the Nashwaak River at Durham Bridge was at flood level.

In Rusagonis, N.B., there were ice jams that are underneath the Patrick Owens covered bridge. Local residents say that they are worse than they've been in years past, and that's a result of several freeze-thaw cycles this winter wreaking havoc.

“That's not going to go, that ice jam below the bridge and I'm afraid if it rains much, and this ice jam blows here, it's going to take that bridge out,” said Delbert Phillips.

Phillips has been monitoring the jams, as his home overlooks the water. He's trying to get a head start on clean-up for the spring storm.

“It's a bigger storm than what we've figured,” said Gary Hetherington, another Rusagonis resident. “Like two or three centimetres turned into 6 inches. If I ever won the lottery, I'd never see snow except on a Christmas movie.”

The snow from Wednesday’s spring storm is sticking around.

As the clean-up continued, New Brunswickers continued to navigate the wintry weather.

In Nova Scotia, there was plenty of rain in the morning and heavy winds started later in the day.

That set the stage for a messy evening with a wind warning in effect and more rain.

The recent melting snow gave the Halifax Regional Municipality a head start clearing out drainage and catch basins.

There was some flooding, but it was not as bad as we've seen in some recent storms.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Jessica Ng and Paul Hollingsworth.