People in Spryfield are still struggling to come to terms with the fire that claimed the lives of seven children last week.

The community is united by tragedy and determined to remain strong as they are doing everything they can to support the grieving parents.  

A hair salon hopes to have its busiest day ever this Sunday –- a day it's normally closed -- for a very good reason.

“From noon until four, we're gonna host a cut-a-thon in support of the Barho family,” said stylist Angeline Francis.

For a donation of at least $15, patrons can get a cut and style and give back to a cause that means so much.

“One of our co-workers is a neighbor, so it's touched us a little bit extra, I think,” said Francis.

Some Zumba instructors are hoping to fill a room at a local recreation centre Friday night for a special charity class.

“We are about 80 per cent full right now, so if people do want to attend on Friday night, the best way is to get an advance ticket, which is only $10,” said Charlene Atwood.

Bringing community members together to do something fun, and relieve the emotion of the week, are ways to help a family that was also a neighbor.

“One of my children went to school with some of the other children, and other members of our community know the family, so it really hit home for us,” said Zumba instructor Jeannie Ward.

Psychologist Simon Sherry says “this is a legitimate community-wide stressor” and everyone will deal with it differently while some may need help in the form of counselling.

He says one way many deal with it is by giving back.

“To see people emphasizing family, and community, and culture, at a time like this, is vitally important, and very encouraging,” he said.

For hockey coach Kinnon Kendziora, it means organizing a special game for next Tuesday at the Spryfield rink -- one of two hockey events being held for the family.

“When a tragedy happens in your backyard, you really need to bring the community together to help, and I think that's probably the biggest reason,” Kendziora said.

Money from these various fundraisers will either be donated directly to the HEART Society, which sponsored the Barho family to come to Canada, or sent to the GoFundMe page, which has raised almost $665,000 in a little over a week.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Heidi Petracek.