FREDERICTON, N.B. – St. Thomas University is in the final stages of establishing a code of conduct that will monitor students' behaviour, regardless of their location.

A draft was given to students this week, outlining what is inappropriate behaviour, along with the consequences of such behaviour.

The draft covers everything from illegal drug use to violence against others.

Students will be bound to the university's own consequences regardless of whether the incident happens on or off campus.

"The ramifications for students could be anything from a single letter of reprimand, to an expulsion, or even exoneration," said Jeffrey Carleton, STU Director of Communication.

The school says the development of rules and ramifications took on greater importance after the death of a student one year ago.

The body of fourth-year Andrew Bartlett was discovered in the stairwell of an off-campus apartment building in the fall of 2010. It is believed that his death occurred after a night of heavy drinking inside a university residence building.

The code of conduct will also ensure that alcohol parties in residence buildings will be monitored more strictly.

St. Thomas University's code of conduct is expected to become official early next year.