You don’t have to be a king or a queen to live in your own “castle” in Cape Breton, but you do need about $1 million.     

Castle Moffett in Bucklaw, N.S. was put up for sale last spring, but its owner is having trouble finding the right buyer.

“I haven’t found that special couple yet, but I’m still looking,” says owner Linda Moffett.

The nearly 10,000-square foot home sits on 200 acres of rolling hills overlooking the Bras d'Or Lake. The house itself features several wings and sits over top of a babbling brook.

The house was built for Linda Moffett more than 20 years ago by her then-husband, Desmond. She has been renting out many of the hotel's 10 bedrooms to overnight guests, but is ready to move on.

The castle’s 10 bedrooms are each uniquely decorated with four-post and canopy beds. There are even whirlpools in some of the ensuite bathrooms. There is also a two-storey "great room" on the main floor, as well as a wood-panelled lounge, a wine cellar, and sauna in the "dungeon" basement.

Moffett is hoping to find someone who will preserve the property and keep it going as an inn. But so far, the right buyer hasn't materialized.

"This building was a labour of love, given to me by my late husband,” says Moffett. “It has so many great memories in it that I'd like someone special to take over.”

Moffett has dropped the asking price considerably, from $1.5 million a year ago to an even $1 million currently.

But is a structure built in 1992 really a "castle"? Moffett says it is, because it features turrets with battlements.

"The definition of a castle is the castling, so it fits the definition. Of course, it's never been in a war or anything like that," she says with a smile.

She hopes the right buyer will come along soon.

“A young couple, perhaps a chef and his wife, who are looking for an inn.”

With files from CTV Atlantic's Ryan MacDonald