INGONISH, N.S. -- The owners of a Cape Breton goat farm where most of the animals have been killed in a fire says community support has them thinking about rebuilding.

The fire destroyed a barn, claiming all of the goats inside, but people far and wide have offered to help.

More than a day later, what’s left of the barn at The Groovy Goat is still smouldering. It reminds the Costello family of the tragedy that took place on their property Wednesday morning.

"It's a depressing spot to be. We actually didn't stay here last night because the fire was still smouldering and it was so close to the property," said co-owner Shannon Costelo. "It's hard to look back there and see and we have small kids, it's hard for them."

Nearly two dozen goats, along with horses, all perished in the fire.

The family says it’s been difficult to process, but the amount of support that’s been pouring in is getting them through.

"We have businesses messaging us that we haven't talked to before saying let us know when you're back up and running we want to buy a goat for you," said co-owner Ryan Costelo, who was speaking publicly for the first time since the fire.

He is not only part owner of The Groovy Goat farm, but he is also the fire chief in Ingonish Beach, meaning he had to help put out the flames at his own property.

"It's tough," he said, getting emotional.

The fire remains under investigation at this point. A GoFundMe campaign has been started for the Costelo family that has already more than doubled its original goal

"You just don't realize how much you've lost and how much you have to replace," said Shannon Costelo. "When we're thinking about all of our animals and our hay and everything that was in our barn, not just the barn construction itself. It will just help a tremendous amount."

The Costelos do have some insurance and while being fully rebuilt is still far off into the future, for now, they are forging ahead to try to be open this summer with their shop selling soap and other goat-related products.