A New Brunswick couple has erected a special shed at a park in Sussex in honour of their son, Jakab, who passed away earlier this year.

Becky and Raymond Duncan wanted to pay tribute to Jakab by building something he would have loved. 

They eventually decided on Jakab’s Toolshed, a crooked house that sits in O’Connell Park - a spot where Becky and Raymond have made many memories with their three boys.

“It’s in memory of my son and my son would’ve loved it,” says Becky.

Jakab was 22 months old when he died suddenly. While his parents wait for answers, they wanted to come up with a way to honour his memory.

“He was outgoing, he was strong, he was determined,” says Becky. “My older son, Tyrel, his shadow…followed him everywhere.”

Raymond says it was the support of the community that turned Jakab’s Toolshed into a reality.

“I can see him now, and I’ll see him every day when I come here and that was the point,” says Raymond.

Jason Thorne works for the Town of Sussex and was part of the team that put the shed together.

“It’s quite a feature, it’s wonderfully done and I think will add a lot to the play space we have here,” says Thorne.

“It’s not something for adults,” says Becky. “It’s something for kids, and that’s what means the most to us.”

With files from CTV Atlantic's Ashley Dunbar