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Sweet treat: young Halifax mother turns COVID challenges into custom cake business


New mom Hanlyn Barlomento-Fuentes has turned her pandemic pastime into a busy cake-making business.

“It’s for a graduation party, and we’re putting white and gold designs all over it. And we’re going to be adding a grad hat after everything is done,” explains Barlomento-Fuentes as she designs an intricate graduation cake shaped like the letter ‘R’.

Originally from the Philippines, Barlomento-Fuentes immigrated to Canada in 2008. But she says she never expected to be baking cakes for a living.

“I graduated as a cardiology technologist, but because of COVID, I decided to just stay home and look after our little one,” says Barlomento-Fuentes.

It’s been a stressful year for the 26-year-old, who has been raising her infant daughter in Halifax while waiting for her husband to immigrate to Canada.

“My family is one of the badly affected by the immigration backlog. I sponsored my husband in 2019 and still haven’t heard from immigration, so that’s why I just decided to be home and be with my daughter for now, since my husband is not here,” said Barlomento-Fuentes.

But as the old saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make cake!

Rather than feel sorry for herself, Barlomento-Fuentes has found new ways to keep busy.

“It was because of my postpartum depression that I started looking for ways to ease my mind. One day, about six or seven months ago I decided to make cakesicles for my little one - pretty much cake pops but just a different, bigger style,” recalls Barlomento-Fuentes.

What started off as a delicious dessert for her daughter quickly turned into a blossoming business.

“I posted them online and they grabbed a lot of people’s attention, so after that I just started selling them. After two months I started adding cakes; first letter cakes, then cupcakes and also custom dipped strawberries,” explains Barlomento-Fuentes.


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Her custom cake business ‘Memiswirls’ continues to grow with popularity, and Hanlyn says the experience has inspired personal growth as well.

“This is a very big thing for me, because I’m a very shy person, but doing this business helped me open up to new opportunities, even getting interviewed,” she says. “Customers keep coming back and that boosted up on my confidence.”

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