SYDNEY, N.S. -- A social worker from Sydney, Nova Scotia is making sure dozens of kids have presents under the tree this year.

Nichole Stevenson works in the school system, where she met many families who aren’t doing well financially this year.

“I’m seeing a huge need for families, even families who have once sponsored a family previously,” said Stevenson. “Lots of people have lost their jobs, some people can’t go out west as often as they did. So there’s a lot of need and we’re seeing a lot of poverty in the area.”

These days, the backseat of her is so full of toys is looks like Santa’s sleigh.

It’s filled with toys like Nerf Guns, Legos, colouring books and markers – all on their way to kids in need. Also in the car is a pile of jackets to help kids keep warm.

Nicole Stevenson

Stevenson fills the back of her car with jackets and toys for kids.

This is the first time Stevenson has organized her own adopt-a-family campaign.

“I started off with two families, and it has kind of exploded,” said Stevenson. “There’s been a lot of community involvement and help, so we’re trying to provide at least 80 kids with a great Christmas.”

Stevenson says with COVID-19 cases increasing, it’s important to make the holidays as happy as possible for kids.

“It’s really hard to see them struggle, and to hope for things for Christmas” she says. “A lot of them put their worth on ‘was I good this year? Is Santa going to come?’ and if nothing is there, how does that make them feel?”

Stevenson can be reached at the following email address: She says any help with her campaign is always appreciated.