DARTMOUTH, N.S. -- There was a disturbing find in an area of Shubie Park frequented by children and dogs.

Several tacks were found in the grass near the entrance to a picnic area just outside of a ball field, an area where dogs are allowed to be off-leash from Nov. 1 to May 1.

"There were several tacks picked up in the area using a magnet to make sure they were all removed," said Halifax Regional Municipality spokesperson Maggie-Jane Spray.

It's a place Ray McCormick often comes to walk his daughter's dogs.

"It's a good place to take your dogs, it's good for kids here," McCormick said. "They play soccer here and of course sometimes they play baseball."

Halifax Regional Coun. Tony Mancini says there has been tension in the past between residents and dog owners, but he's not ready to say this was an intentional act to cause harm.

"If we see it a second time, then that will be concerning," Mancini said.

In addition to the tacks on the ground, city staff found evidence of the use of BB guns. BBs were found lodged in the fence at the entrance to the ball field.

Similar tacks were used to hold up targets along the fence.

"BB guns are not allowed to be in the park," Mancini said. "I'm hoping that when they were here, there was nobody around; I suspect that was the case."

The city has not received any reports of injuries to people or pets from the tacks.

City staff are asking anyone that might find tacks or anything that may cause harm to anyone to give the city a call, and they'll come by and clean it up.