HALIFAX -- A four-year-old boy from Nova Scotia who is battling leukemia has received an outpouring of support from people all over North America and his parents want to thank the thousands who have helped their son from a distance.

Four-year-old Tryson McGrath is the centre of his parents' universe, so last year, when they discovered their little boy has acute myeloid leukemia, their world was turned upside down.

"It’s your worst nightmare coming true," said his father Troy McGrath. "The first three days were the longest. Then we learned how everyone is like family at the IWK."

Comfort came from within the hospital and also from outside.

"He definitely loves anything with a motor, anything that goes forward," said Troy McGrath.

Having a special interest in trucks, Tryson’s aunt Kim started a Facebook group called Team Tryson, Where family and friends were invited to share encouraging messages as he underwent his treatments in Halifax.

The page took off and now the group has nearly 6,500 members and well over 20,000 posts.

The little boy from Victoria Beach, N.S. has connected with people from far and wide.

"We've received a lot of gifts from all over," said Troy McGrath."Team Tryson covers basically worldwide almost."

With followers eager to help, the family was inspired to start selling Team Tryson t-shirts.

"There's a whole lot of thank yous to go out there that I don't even know how many thank yous would be enough," said Tryson's mother, Lindsay Robar.

Troy McGrath said it is getting easier, but still the support that has been there since the very beginning has helped immensely.