SYDNEY, N.S. -- Teddy is expected to make landfall in eastern Nova Scotia where the storm is being forecast as more of a wind event.

"All operational units are at the full high alert, and are ready for this," said Cape Breton Regional Municipality Mayor Cecil Clarke.

EMO officials say there's the potential for a "perfect storm" with heavy garbage at peoples' curbs for pickup in a week's time.

On Monday, residents were told to take the trash inside, or at least make sure it's secured.

"With strong winds, there is certainly a tendency for lighter objects – and even heavier objects that you may not typically think can move – that will move around with the heavy winds that are being forecast," said Wayne MacDonald, the director of engineering and public works for CBRM.

At a popular walking trail a few blocks away, dozens of trees were knocked down last year by post-tropical storm Dorian and there was heavy flooding damage four years ago.

"We know that there will likely be some damage," said David Gabriel. "There always is."