MONCTON -- With travel and border restrictions in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, Maritimers are preparing for staycations this summer.

Wendy Hudson, the CEO of Broadleaf Ranch, says their glamping units and log cabins are perfect for a summer getaway.

“We've had a lot of reservations come in, even just since last week. All New Brunswickers of course, but just saying, 'it's time we get out of the house,' or 'I want to do something outdoors with my children,’” says Hudson.

Paul Gaudet is the interpretive services manager at Hopewell Rocks Park -- one of New Brunswick’s most popular tourist attractions.

Staff are working to reopen the park next week and Gaudet says they expect crowds of New Brunswickers.

“By opening up these tourist attractions and the tourism culture and heritage branch, it’s really promoted this staycation business very, very well. I think its going to be really a revelation to a lot of people when they see different spots,” says Gaudet.

“I just want to simply encourage everyone in the province to visit all the places in the backs of their minds for years. Like, ‘Aunt Mildred and I were going to go there 10 years ago, we never did, lets go.’ This is the year to do it. This is the year to see the province of New Brunswick.”

There’s beauty in exploring what's in your backyard, according to Hudson.

“I think there’s a lot of people that will be amazed at what a beautiful province we live in,” she says.

In Nova Scotia, travel advisors like Denise Kroll are putting together local staycation packages, which they expect to be very popular this summer.

“This has left a lot of people with little plans, or a lot of cancelled plans, so we just think outside the box and look at what's available to us nearby and get creative. There’s lots to choose from in our province,” says Kroll.