Residents in Moncton's north end are urging the city to help resolve a growing issue with rats.

Neighbours say the problem has escalated over the past few years.

“I would be sitting outside and they'd come right beside me on my deck," says north-end resident Julie Leger. “They're not even afraid of people at this point.”

Local resident Raven Gauthier says her dog has been attacked by rats on multiple occasions, requiring stitches, antibiotics, and a costly vet bill.

“What's cheaper at this point? Helping the residents now, or waiting until a child could possibly get bit?” Gauthier asks.

She now won't let her dogs in her backyard or her children out of sight.

Residents say they've done everything in their power to combat the rodents, adding not everyone can afford pest control.

“We don't to catch any of those bacterias the rats are carrying that we now have evidence of. We don't want our children to be hurt,” local resident Barbara Quigley says.

The city has stated on numerous occasions rats on private property are outside its jurisdiction, but Mayor Dawn Arnold has confirmed talks have started with pest control companies.

“It's a unique situation this year, but we are working with pest control agents and trying to come up with a pilot project where we can make things better,” Mayor Arnold says.

Arnold was not able to provide details on what the pilot project could look like. That’s coming as small comfort to those battling the rats.

“It's great that they're going to start a pilot project, but at this point it's not helping the citizens,” Gauthier says.

With colder weather settling in, residents say time is of the essence as the rats of the north end start to look for a warmer home for winter.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Cami Kepke.