CHESTER, N.S. -- Two brothers who lost contact with their parents last Saturday night didn't learn their fate until more than 30 hours later.

Peter and Joy Bond raised their two sons Harry and Cory near Chester, N.S.

Thirteen years ago, the couple moved away to Portapique, a quiet Nova Scotia hamlet where Gabriel Wortman's murderous rampage began.

"Portapique was their retirement home," said Harry Bond.

Peter, 74, was a retired truck driver.

Joy, four years younger than her husband, was a former cook and a stay-at-home mom.

"Soft hearted and kind people, they were just good people," said Cory Bond.

Sunday morning, when they heard about the shootings, both brothers tried frantically to reach their parents.

"Got no answer," said Cory. "Try their cellphone, no answer, so then I called my brother."

Older brother Harry tried repeatedly.

"My mom's cellphone was on, it was ringing and no one was answering," said Harry. "Your mind runs a million miles a minute."

As they followed the tragic events on social media, they feared the worst.

"I knew something was wrong," said Cory.

After a sleepless Sunday night, the brothers drove to Portapique on Monday.

After 35 hours of not knowing the status of their parents they were finally told by the RCMP that both were dead at about 3:30 Monday afternoon.

They were killed in their home just before bedtime last Saturday.

"They were in their pajamas ready to go to bed," said Harry, who says his parents did not know the shooter.

They've yet to visit their parents' home.

"We are still unable to go down and see it for ourselves, but from what we’ve heard, no, it hasn’t been burned," Harry said.

Peter and Joy Bond were parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.

Harry says the loss is beyond comprehension, but the support his family has received has already helped heal his broken heart.

"I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that my parents have been taken from us," Harry said. "And then having all the phone calls and messages and text messages and comments on Facebook, it’s overwhelming. People that I don’t know and people that I’ve never heard of."

Both sons want all Nova Scotians to know when the pandemic ends they’ll have a funeral in Chester.

"We are going to give our parents the service they deserve," Harry said.

To celebrate two lives lost, and to help a family try to heal from this tragedy.