GRAND BAY-WESTFIELD, N.B. -- A New Brunswick fashion designer just showcased her latest line on a national runway, adding to a running thread of career milestones.

Chavah Lindsay of Grand Bay-Westfield recently introduced 12 new pieces under her own label at Fashion Art Toronto – the city’s longest running fashion week.

Lindsay’s collection, titled “Lost in a Daydream,” was shown in front of a sold-old audience at the event’s finale night.

“This was my biggest show I’ve ever done,” said Lindsay. “This was my big goal that I’ve been working to achieve for the past six years I’ve been in business.”

Chavah Lindsay

The high-profile event was a brand new experience for the designer who has already made a name for herself.

“The stress level was higher, it was a little bit out of my comfort zone,” she said. “We had a lot of chaos backstage. I had some dresses go missing right before we went on.”

When her last model finished their walk, Lindsay’s adrenaline turned to celebration.

“I came off the runway with the biggest smile on my face,” she said. “I felt so proud of myself.”

Chavah Lindsay

Lindsay’s label to date has included designs commissioned by major companies with pieces modeled inside national publications. All of it began as a childhood dream when Lindsay was about 10-years-old.

“I stuck to it and I learned how to sew and I researched universities before I was even the age where that needed to be an issue,” said Lindsay, adding there was never a backup plan on what to do instead of fashion.

“I never gave myself the opportunity to question it. This industry is different from every one, there’s no clear path.”

After going national, Lindsay is setting her sights on a future international stage.

“I kind of have to re-evaluate now where I want to move to next. I definitely want to keep going.”