Thousands of young people from across the province were celebrated in Nova Scotia for taking part in the Cadet program by land, sea and air, Saturday.

Cadets representing 86 units with 3,500 members from Nova Scotia gathered in Halifax to mark the day of honour.

"My family was in the military and I really enjoy the military and different things like that, and I want to pursue a career as a psychologist for them,” said MWO army cadet, Tayla Adams.

This year’s Cadet Day was marked with the raising of a special flag as it was the 100th anniversary for the day that all began in Halifax.

The cadet leaders made a point of talking about former famous cadets at the ceremony.

"Like George Canyon, our country singer, so he was an air cadet, and he actually comes out to see the cadets at 14 Greenwood in the summertime,” said J3 OIC cadet instructor Marie Bourinot.

Many of the cadets at the ceremony said the program has given them worldly opportunities they’re grateful for.

"It can give you so many opportunities, like just this past summer I went away on exchange to the UK, and I feel like that's not an experience anyone can get these days, especially for free,” said CO’N parade commander, Anna Gray.

Air cadets can also get a head start on a career as a pilot by learning to fly a plane through the program.

Cadets said it’s not all about acquiring technical skills, rather they learn about leadership, public speaking, organization and the value of networking as well.

 “It's given me a lot of experiences that you can't really get outside of the cadet program, the friends that I’ve made, and the connections that I’ve made,” said WO 1ST air cadet, Lizzie Wedsworth. “No matter where you go you're probably going to see someone you know from the cadet program.”

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ron Shaw.