Police say it’s the latest in a rash of bike-thefts in Moncton this year - $7,000 worth of bicycles were stolen in the hub of the city, this week.

Using three metal bars to break the window, thieves broke into Jim Goguen’s store around 3:45 a.m. Wednesday.

The alarm system went off, but when police arrived two minutes later, the thieves were gone.

Goguen has shared video of the scene he walked into. The store window was smashed, glass covered the floor and four high end bikes were missing.

Goguen says there’s another video that has been turned into RCMP.

“We have video security that shows them doing that, it's been given to the police. They’ve been examining it for the last day or so,” he says.

Goguen says the three thieves were wearing gloves and had hoods on, but at least one of them looked directly into the camera.

The store also has video surveillance showing one of the suspects was in the shop in the days leading up to the break in.

Goguen says this isn’t the first time his store has been targeted by thieves.

“There was an attempt last week, they tried to go through my back door,” says Goguen. “A good friend of mine, Trevor Bourque, really made up something cool for me at the back door... you ain't coming through unless you have a tank.

Cyclist, Bill Lane has been keeping his bikes in his house, but recently built a secured shed to keep them in as bicycle thefts are on the rise. His shed now has heavy duty hinges and locks and bars over the windows.

“My best defense right now is prevention because there's always going to be people trying to steal bicycles,” says Lane.

Brian Branch has gone a step further by creating an interactive map so people can add the location of their stolen bikes.

The map shows most of the thefts are clustered near the downtown core. 

“I’m not surprised by the thefts themselves because I think they've always been around it's just that with social media now we talk more about it,” says Branch. “We share more, we ask people to keep an eye open.”

As a show of good will, Goguen has given a bike to a customer whose bike was stolen in the theft.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Jonathan MacInnis.